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Elmer Miller

Whether I was watching my granddad, the builder, drafting the next house on vellum, or observing the master carpenters (who were mostly relatives) sketching an idea on the nearest scrap board….designing & building runs in my blood. To see a sketch become a reality is the ultimate goal.


I’m as enthusiastic about drafting and designing, as I am working with a piece of wood. I’m an innovative, well-read learner.  My designs compliment the landscape and show a balance between man and the environment.


You can count on my reliability while I pay attention to the details of your design.  As a team leader I will make the flow from design to construction seamless.


My goal in drafting & designing for you is to ensure the best design that is buildable, artistic and balanced.


Do not hesitate to email or text me if you want to discuss your design, CAD, all-things-wood or fly-fishing.  


or text: 970-773-8617


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